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About Lift Assister

Vacuum tube lifters are the ideal vacuum lift assist solution for box and carton handling.  Whether you need to pallestise, pack or stack boxes of any size the Vacuum Lifter can help.

A standard vacuum lifter can help an operator to stack cartons up to 2.5m (98").  The next entry level uses a telescopic control handle to allow an operator to lift from stacks of 2.75m.

Taped, strapped or open boxes present no problem to the vacuum tube lifter.

If you need to lift several boxes together a multi-vacuum pad tool will do the job.  Increased productivity and long-life durability is a reality with low cost, low maintenance, high efficiency vacuum handling equipment.


Solutions include:

* De-pallestising and Palletising of boxrd and cartons

* De-palletising and Palletising of Sacks and boxes on the same line

* Side Gripping of boxes and cartons where top lifting is not possible

* Multiple box lifting

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