Double Palletising Robot

  • Double Palletising Robot
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About Double Palletising Robot

The flexible double robot has two pallet positions that can be utilised in several ways.

No waiting time during pallet change
The modular robot can palletise the same product onto two pallets. When one pallet is full, the robot automatically starts to palletise on the second pallet, allowing plenty of time to remove the first full pallet and replace it with an empty pallet.

Product sorting
The double robot can palletise two different products – one on each pallet. The two different products can arrive on the same infeed conveyor. Photocells or other sensor equipment will then tell the robot what product is to be palletised onto which pallet.

Double line operation
The double robot can handle two different products that arrive to the robot on two separate infeed conveyors – one from each production line. The robot takes each product to its own pallet.

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