Most machines we offer are available to hire

Recirculators - Infeed Conveyors - Case Sealers - Outfeed Conveyors - Ink Jet Printers - Print & Apply Units - Pallet Wrappers - Pallet Magazines - Shrink Wrappers

All the way to complete production lines that can save the customer more than the hire costs.

Short Duration

For promotions - extra capacity - shut downs - etc. this way no commitment on capital budgets are required.

Long Duration

Cost effective option for funding that when linked with maintenance is a "Trouble free" (customer's comment), way of getting and running equipment.

With Maintenance

Hire equipment and link our ultserve service, which includes spare parts cover, labour, mileage and travel. Our engineers understand how to set the machines up and get them to operate at their best, together with advising the operators on how to keep them that way.

Our engineers visit every month to keep the machines in good working order.

For the customer this means a fixed weekly cost that actualy works out to be more cost efective than ownership. It is also a Tax efficient way of funding a production line.

Without Maintenance

Customer covers all maintenance costs during the hire period.