Single Palletising Robot

  • Single Palletising Robot
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About Single Palletising Robot

Compact, flexible and efficient standard palletisingrobot.

  • Can be configured and equipped with many different features to meet specific needs and applications.  
  • User friendly software makes it easy and swift to shift to or build new optimised pallet patterns.   
  • The robot comes tested with customer cases and pallet patterns.

New pallet pattern in 30 seconds
If the pallet pattern is already in the IPC, it takes no more than 30 seconds to switch to another programme.
New pallet patterns generated using optimisation software, can be transferred online or via diskette.

Safe to operate, simple and versatile
The machine requires minimal maintenance and is easy to access.
It is equipped with safety fencing that meets CE requirements.

Greater pallet capacity - Improved freight economy
All types of cases, even heavy and bulky ones, can be stacked at heights up to 2700 mm in order to fully utilise the capacity of lorries and containers.

Stainless steel for wet environments
The robot can be supplied entirely or partially in stainless steel.
The robot has powder coated finish in standard colours. Special colours are available for at a surcharge.

Layer pad magazine
Single robot can be extended with magazine for intermediate sheets.

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