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About Driven Curve

Product Code: APM Driven Curve

Curves with conical rollers available in 30,60 or 90?

With two drives for high loadings.

The curves are available with guide profiles on both the inside and the outside.

Low guide profile = H1

High guide profile = H2

Driven curves offer smooth product flow.

Various gearings and a frequency converter provide adjustability of speed.

Large and heavy items can easily be transported.

The curves are silent during operation.



Tubes impact-proof plastic or steel available.  Axles ? 10mm. Gear 20:1 = 10 m/min, or 10:1 = 20 m/min.  A frequency control system can be connected direct to the 3 phase motor.  Drive with polycord belts.  Frames Electro-galvanised steek,  Axle Pitch 60.  Width 300, 400, 500, 600mm.

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