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About Print And Apply

Don't be fooled by companies who recommend DAB equipment onto cases, as the principle of the DAB system was originally mean't to be applied to static cases.

We at A P Machinery Ltd, have integrated a print and apply system into a production line with the clever use of a bench top printer.  With this application method, we can slot this piece of machinery into a multitude of places along the line.  With the use of a soft pad on the application arm, we can apply onto delicate and uneven products i.e. to apply labels onto empty boxes to be prepared for packing or full boxes after they have been sealed.  A traditional print and apply system, would need approximately 1 - 1.5 metres of floor space for it's application.  Using the size of the printer to our advantage, we can virtually remove space needed for the print and apply system,  integrating this into existing product conveyor saving the 1 - 1.5 meteres of floor space at the end of the production line.  These printers can offer a full 360 labelling onto cartons.


  • Pre-programmed PLC included
  • Labels of up to 80mm x 80mm
  • Light touch feature (soft pad)
  • Stepper motor, fan
  • Universal applicator revolving mechanism
  • Function of light touch feature: Immediate product recognition, and with rapid precise movemens the applicator is able to apply at 35 m/min on moving products
  • Independent electrically operated, no pressured air is required
  • High flexibility, no pad change necessary when chaging the label format
  • The use of soft pads means that the product is applied onto gently, which allows for application onto delicate and uneven products.
  • Stroke length of 200mm or 400mm
Possible field of application
  • Advantages due to stepper motorm, suitabble for where no pressured air is available
  • Can readily be integrated into industrial enviroments, due to its robust build.
  • Whenever print and apply is your demand.

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